We write to express our strong support for Cindy Friedman, who has thrown her hat into the ring to continue Ken Donnelly’s legacy. We have known and worked with Cindy on issues of importance to Arlington for many years. She is smart, knowledgeable, and highly competent. She is also generous with her time and wisdom, warm, and genuine.

Arlington Selectman Joe Curro

Joe Curro, Chair, Arlington Board of Selectman

Cindy built and guided the staff that helped to make Ken Donnelly such an effective Senator. She knows Arlington, the Massachusetts Senate, and Ken’s district intimately and would be an effective voice for us all.

It is no accident that Senator Donnelly’s wife and children have enthusiastically endorsed Cindy as the person best positioned to carry on Ken’s legacy. It is also no accident that most of our Selectmen, School Committee members, and many others who serve our town are standing with Cindy. And it is no accident that numerous other Senators and Representatives who have seen Cindy in action have expressed a desire for her to serve as a colleague. Those who know Cindy best know that she is the best candidate to represent Arlington and the Fourth Middlesex District in the Senate.

Cindy has been particularly active in two areas particularly near and dear to our hearts: civil and human rights and public education. Cindy led an effort a decade ago to build a broad-based coalition promoting diversity and inclusion, which included police and other public officials, faith leaders, and residents. Cindy, a former school teacher and mother of three Arlington Public Schools graduates, was a founder of the Arlington Schools Foundation (now the Arlington Education Foundation).

Jeff Thielman

Jeff Thielman, Chair, Arlington School Committee

Cindy served for many years in Town Meeting and was a member of the advisory committee that made many difficult decisions concerning the Symmes Hospital redevelopment project. She has deliberative experience and political savvy and connections that will serve us well. When Cindy speaks, she speaks directly to the economic challenges faced by many families in our region. She speaks to the need to shore up our safety nets and supports for those battling physical and mental illness. She speaks of the dignity of work.

In short, when Cindy speaks and when Cindy acts, she does so with the benefit of a lifetime of experience and a deep understanding of the issues that matter to ordinary people. We are pleased to support Cindy Friedman for Senate, and we urge you to join us.

Joseph A. Curro Jr., chair, Arlington Board of Selectmen
Jeff Thielman, chair, Arlington School Committee;
Jennifer Susse, immediate past chair, Arlington School Committee.

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