I am writing in support of Cindy Friedman for the State Senate. I represented Arlington in the Legislature for 14 years and am well aware of the important role a State Senator plays in developing and passing progressive policies that support the Massachusetts citizens.

Cindy Friedman will carry on in the tradition of Sen. Havern and Sen. Donnelly both of whom were widely admired for their active roles in the Senate and their tenacity in getting the job done for their constituents. As Sen. Donnelly’s chief of staff, Cindy worked closely with him on all his legislative and district priorities and will continue that work.

She will be an independent voice when necessary; she will  be well prepared, ready to stand up for her priorities both in committee work and on the Senate floor. Cindy is  supported by members of the Senate who know her capabilities and are ready to work with her on issues important to Arlington residents: education funding, transportation issues, affordable housing,  criminal justice reform, homelessness, job creation, and local projects. Cindy knows that it is vital not only to cosponsor legislation, but also to be the spokesperson for issues that resonate in Arlington and the Fourth Middlesex District. She will be a listener and a leader;  that is the way a Senator has success.

In international, national and local politics, we see more than ever the importance of women’s voices in the debate about the future of our world, our state and our cities and towns. Cindy Friedman is well qualified to add strength and clarity to the State Senate. There are only 12 women in our State Senate; Arlington has the opportunity to add another woman’s voice.  I hope voters will take this opportunity to strengthen the Senate on June 27th by electing Cindy Friedman.

Anne Paulsen is a former State Representative, 24th Middlesex District