One of the most effective ways to help Cindy is to reach out to your friends who live in Arlington, Billerica, Burlington, Lexington and Woburn. Simply share why you want Cindy to be your State Senator, and invite them to learn more and commit to vote.

Personal networks are a powerful source of influence for decision making, especially in special elections when many voters don’t have a lot of information about the candidates. Your friends want to know why you are supporting Cindy, and we’re making it easy to tell them:

Start a new email message containing a sample message to your friends

With most email setups, the link above will open a new email composing window with the sample message already filled in and ready for you to personalize.

If the link doesn’t work, simply copy and paste the sample text in the box below into an email. (Hint: you can also use it for a Facebook post!)

Dear friends,

There will be a Special Election for State Senate on June 27th because of the death of Senator Ken Donnelly. There are only 40 state senators, and we need our senator to be a strong advocate who understands what matters to us. I am voting for Cindy Friedman and hope you will join me.

Cindy is smart, progressive, and passionate about helping people. After nine years as Senator Donnelly’s chief of staff and political partner, Cindy knows the entire 4th Middlesex district and its concerns. She has proven that she can get things done for us in the Senate. She is a fierce voice for the less powerful through her advocacy of worker’s rights, criminal justice reform, mental healthcare accessibility, and support for those on the front lines of the opioid epidemic. As a parent and former teacher, she understands the importance of education and equal opportunities for all. She shares our values and can make a real difference. I was touched to hear that the Donnelly family shares my feeling and has come out in support of Cindy as the right person for this job.

If you support Cindy, would you let us know? There isn’t much time before the special primary on Tuesday, June 27th, and every vote counts. Let us know that we can count on you. Just fill out this quick online form:

Or, you can reply to me. If you need more information about Cindy, go to, or ask me questions!