Selectman Dan DunnKen Donnelly was a great State Senator. When I needed his help, I called Cindy. Part of what made Ken great at his job was the work that Cindy did with him. They were a great team, and together they wrote and managed some excellent legislation to completion. She was his right hand, and often his left hand, too.

I particularly remember a sticky point last spring, where Minuteman Vocational was planning their regional vote to rebuild the school, and the state statute had some flaws we were worried about. I called Cindy, and she had a change filed in hours. She didn’t do it simply because I asked her to. She did it because she’d been informed and involved in every step of the multi-year process, and she agreed that this was a step to move the project forward.

For quite a while now the House has been an obstacle to progressives, and the Senate has been forcing the pace. Cindy is part of the reason the Senate has been successful at moving the commonwealth forward. I want her in the Senate to keep the pressure on the House, rather than let Senate become more like the House.

Dan Dunn is a member of the Arlington Board of Selectmen.

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