Selectman Steven ByrneI look forward to casting my vote for Cindy Friedman to be our next state senator on June 27. Like many of us, I was devastated when Senator Donnelly passed away. He was great mentor and someone I looked up to. Cindy is the best choice to extend his legacy and continue his work for the residents of the 4th Middlesex District.

For several years, I worked in the Massachusetts House of Representatives and had the opportunity to work with Cindy on many occasions. I witnessed firsthand the respect she has gained from other Senators and senior legislative staff. This, combined with her passion for progressive causes and in depth knowledge of the legislative process, will allow her to be an incredibly effective legislator.

As Senator Donnelly’s chief of staff, Cindy was able to develop a deep understanding of the 4th Middlesex District. She knows its constituents and its issues.

As a member of the Board of Selectmen, I was extremely impressed by her commitment to the Mass Ave. project. In conversations with MassDOT employees, I was told on several occasions how strong of a proponent she was for the project and how helpful she was in facilitating its completion. She has achieved real results for our community.

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