At a time when our environment is under unprecedented attack at the federal level, the responsibility for protecting and preserving our precious natural resources is now being left entirely up to the states. No state is better to take the lead than Massachusetts, but it takes real investment. Although Governor Baker and previous administrations have pledged to dedicate at least 1% of the state budget (approximately $40 million) to environmental agencies, they have repeatedly reneged on their promise. As state Senator, I am prepared to be a vocal proponent for a clean environment and sustainable future and will support bills to promote green infrastructure, to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, to combat climate change, to defend the EPA, to restore funding to the Community Preservation Act trust fund, and to create 21st century Massachusetts clean energy jobs. I will also support allocating 1% of the state budget to support environmental agencies, because investing one penny of every state-operating dollar to protect our environment is not too much to ask.

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